From the Archives: Dubya (W.) Edition

Bush and Big Biz Pollute

Bush helped Big Business ruin the environment

In honor of George W. Bush’s release of his new book, “Decision Points“… I have decided to go back and do an illustrated retrospective of his two-termed Presidency. If only my work was the lowest point of his tenure… Thanks Kanye.

The Adventures of Alfred Qaeda and Friends front cover

Bush had a starring role in Alfred Qaeda and Friends Super Fun Coloring and Activity Book

Alfred Qaeda and Friends - Dubya gets the news
Alfred Qaeda and Friends - Dubya on the move
Alfred Qaeda and Friends - Dubya Asseses the Damage
Alfred Qaeda and Friends - Dubya talks to God
Alfred Qaeda and Friends - Dubya has a problem
Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. - Difference in Iraqi-opinions

Bush Sr. with Jr. (click on this image for closeups)

Bush Pardons Scooter Libby?

Bush didn't pardon his pal, Scooter Libby... he commuted his term (click image for larger version)

Bush and the Gas Crisis

Bush and Big Oil during the rising Gas Crisis

Bush Thinks about Iran

Bush ponders the use of American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly Iran. (click image for a closeup)

Bush Hates Fags

Bush was not a fan of same sex marriages

Katrina is Bush's "Black" Eye

Hurricane Katrina proved to be Dubya's "black" eye.

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