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This is the home for all of Martin Slamon’s (digidigidigi) illustrations.

Remember the BLOGSPOT-a-mo: Lovely Ladies

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I take a look back at some illustrations I did for digidigidigi blogspot awhile back. The subject is troubled Hollywood starlets: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie. Continue reading

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Wedding Art: Saving the Date

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A former co-worker who was also formerly not engaged has since been proposed to and ecstatically accepted. She then proceeded to message me and inquire about digi designing some invitations for the impending nuptials. I was married on January 17th, … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Flyers’ Mount Puckmore.

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The four faces of PuckDaddy’s Mount Puckmore: Clarke, Lindros, Hextall, Parent. Continue reading