Happy Holidays from the University of the Arts (and me) E-card

Happy Holidays from The University of the ArtsHere we are… less than a week away from the big day: CHRISTMAS! But I’ve been in the spirit for a while now. You see, a few months ago, I was contacted by Lauren Villanueva, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations. She was looking for some alumni to create an Holiday E-card for the school to send out. I tapped one of my former classmates, Gary Hanna of Psynema fame, and together, we produced the following. I’d like to wish all 3 of my daily readers the happiest of holidays! Be safe… and drink egg nog!

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Indian Peafowl • Pavo Cristatus Illustration for Wedding Invitation

Indian Peafowl • Pavo Cristatus

Vector Illustration of a peacock for a wedding invitation

A couple very close to us is getting married at Marsha Brown in New Hope, PA this November. They asked me to make the invitations, and so I did. The prevailing theme when sitting down and talking to them was the inclusion of a peacock. I created an “inked” black vector illustration and then used some vector watercolor brushes to color it. The back of the RSVP also utilizes the peacock, but it is a more comic or POP. You can find it after the jump.

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Internet Treasures: Oct. 14, 2011

A plucking of fallen internet links that I find interesting, which means… you know… you will too… I guess.

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9/11 10 Year Anniversary: “Alfred Qaeda and Friends” Super Coloring & Activity Book

Alfred Qaeda and Friends Super Coloring & Activity Book created by Martin Slamon

Alfred Qaeda and Friends Super Coloring & Activity Book created by Martin Slamon

It was created at a time when people would say “Too Soon.” It is 10 years later, and some still say its too soon. I made it at a time when I was angry. I was angry at the President, at Al Qaeda, at the greed of the United States, their response to the attacks and much more. Sure I might have missed glorifying the good and the positive to come from the attacks. Perhaps I was a little off with my prediction about Afghanistan (the war the American people support) and I didn’t see Iraq coming. But on the whole, I’m proud of this work and I believe it stands up to this day. Expect the conclusion of the book to be scanned and uploaded by the end of the weekend. For now, I give you “Alfred Qaeda and Friends” Super Coloring & Activity Book, with 9/11 Fun!

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digi-Flyer: Ambler Restaurant Week 2011

Ambler Restaurant Week 2011
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Illustrated Ambler: Gearing Up For Restaurant Week

6 Illustrations of popular places in Ambler, PA.

6 Illustrations of popular places in Ambler, PA.

A few weeks back I was contacted by Gene McGonagle, owner and operator of Ambler Flower Shop. He was looking for a new take on the directory and map that gets circulated in the Enterprise paper. We met up and discussed some things and I left with the task of creating some “illustrated” takes on six prominent businesses in downtown Ambler, PA. They are, in no particular order, the Ambler Theater, Ambler Savings Bank, K.C’s Alley & Bridget’s Steakhouse, Finn McCool’s Tavern, Act II Playhouse and Deck’s Hardware. The illustrations were handed off to his people who popped them into their proper places and highlighted some other businesses in the area, and just in time for Restaurant Week! After the JUMP, a closer look at the illustrations with their real life counterparts.

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Header Unveiling: GOING TO THE SHORE N.J.

Michael Campitelli's header for "Going to THE SHORE N.J." created by digi

Michael Campitelli's header for "Going to THE SHORE N.J." created by digi

I work exclusively for the flying Campitelli Bros. Not really, but they are two champions of my work on the internet. After doing some fun stuff for the700level.com for Enrico, I was contacted by Michael to create a header for his informatory blog: Going to the Shore N.J. I’m not exactly crystal on this, but I think he asked me to work on this last summer and he hoped to debut the site just before the official start of this summer, so I’ve been sitting on this for awhile. His inspiration for the header, which became my recreation, is the Bruce Springstein classic album and album cover for “Greetings from Asbury Park N.J.” Let me know what you think. After the JUMP, some former 700level headers and a look at the original album cover. Continue reading

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From the Archives: The orig. digidigidigi design (Apple/the Son of Man)

Original header for digidigidigi blogspot.

Original header for digidigidigi blogspot.

A couple years ago… I was looking to start my own website to showcase some of my artistic work in conjunction with my blog. Rather than it be a plain-jane portfolio web-site, I wanted it to have some sort of bad-ass personality and identity. Magritte is one of my favorite artists… and his painting, “The Son of Man” was the inspiration for my “characters.” In place of the organic apple was the highly recognizable Macintosh Apple logo from 1976. The premise, if you could even call it that, was that each color from the apple was a different member of this gang, ala Reservoir Dogs, a film I’ve still yet ot see in its entirety. They were some sort of super-natural or maybe just digital bank robbers who dressed in bowler hats and could never be identified thanks to the apples obscuring their faces. Another theme was the use of red, green and blue as the primary robbers to symbolize the RGB color mode. At the time, I never took into consideration that I couldn’t use another company’s logo to be the face of my own freelance company. After the jump, various iterations of the designs from the digi-archives. Mayhaps you’ll see these men again in some form or another…

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Yards Brewery presents “A Very Kehoe Christmas…”

A Very Kehoe Christmas design by digidigidigi

A Very Kehoe Christmas t-shirt for the 2010 YARDS holiday party

On an ordinary weekday morning, whilst I was wallowing in my unemployment during the bitter month of December… an IM came to me from heaven. It read “HARK… for born unto you this day is a project in the city of Philadelphia.” The boys down @ Liberties Parcel Inc. had been commissioned by the powers that be @ YARDS on Delaware Ave to come up with some sort of t-shirt design for the brewery’s holiday party. My direction was vague, except that the design involve the owner of YARDS, Tom Kehoe. After the break, pics of the shirt in action… and double your Kehoe.

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Clipped women's high heels

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